Aloe Vera Gel Moisture Face Cream Blackhead Acne Removal

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99% Korean Aloe Vera Gel Moisture Face Cream Blackhead Acne Removal Aloe Gel Face Care Sleeping Mask Korean Cosmetics Skincare Product 300g


PRODUCT NAME: Aloe Soothing Moisturizing Repair Gel
EFFICACY: Contains high-purity natural aloe essence,a bottle of multi-purpose, moisturizing, refreshing oil control,repair after sun, soothing dryness, inhibiting acne,can be used as a sleeping mask.
SKIN STYLE:Suit for all skin style
SHELF LIFE: 3 years
STORAGE METHOD: Please keep in a cool and ventilated place,avoid direct sunlight


1.Sunburn Repair
Relieve the dryness and pain the sunburn cause
2.Moisturizing Mask
Apply to the face, can be used as sleeping mask
3.Makeup Skills
Mix with foundation and BB cream to make makeup more docile
4.Hydrating Eye Mask
When the eyes are swollen, apply around the eyes
5.Nail Care
Apply to finger nail, reduce the damage fail polish to nails
6.After Shave
Relieve the skin after shaving,shrink pores
7.After Shower
Make skin comfortable,refreshing, and shine
8.Hair Care
Apply to the end of the hair to prevent hair knot, crisp and not sticky


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