Face Pore Repair Collagen Oil Control Anti Wrinkle

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Glycyrrhiza Face Pore Repair Serum RtopR Collagen Face Anti Wrinkle Whitening Cream Oil Control Hydrating Effective Shrink Pores

Name: Glycyrrhiza Pore Repair Serum

Net Wt:

0.7 fl.oz/20ml

Product Features:

It contains a variety of skin nutrients, soft texture, provide sufficient moisture and nutrition for the skin, improve the rough pore state, and enhance the delicacy and brightness of the skin. It can also control the balance of water and oil in the skin, not drying or greasy, and make the skin more moist. Long-term use, the effect is better.


Aqua、carbomer、disodium edta、 propylene glycol、hydroxyethylcellulose、glycerin、butylene glycol、glyceryl polymethacrylate、 beta-glucan、 glycyrrhiza glabra extract、 xanthan gum、 avena sativa extract.

Usage Method:

After cleaning the face in the morning and evening, apply some evenly to the whole face, massage till absorbed.


If you find the skin discomfort, please stop using.

Storage Conditions:

Please store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.


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